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David Wiseman

The works on canvas are made in the studio and I also work directly from the landscape with a variety of mixed media on smaller works on paper. My paintings are begun in a loose, exploratory way using a freely drawn series of calligraphic marks, stains and shapes using a wide variety of brushes, hand, roller, scraper, sponge, etc. They are inspired by particular landscape places or events using drawings, photographs and memory of these places which are always special to me. Although spending a lot of time in Devon and the south coast I am equally inspired by local rivers and parklands close to my Ealing home. I am not so interested in the topographical exotic picture postcard view but in getting close to nature where the ordinary is extraordinary. A small part of a stream and its river bank crowded with vegetation, texture, light and colour is enough for me. I believe a beautiful painting can be made from six square inches of any garden.

The final image is slowly extracted in a playful, organic way using overlaid marks and glazes to express qualities of nature such as mood, light, colour, atmosphere, space etc. I am attempting to find equivalents for the landscape in the physical qualities of paint. I want the paintings to be intriguing, tantalising and ambiguous held between the plastic qualities of the paint and all the magical illusions and evocations of the depiction of nature.

The smaller works on paper are always made outside in front of the landscape and often then worked on in the studio. I work with a variety of tools and brushes outside as well as inside. I carry a large bag of rollers, sponges, scrapers, a multitude of brushes as well as lots of different media.

In the studio the paintings are always started stretched on the floor so I can allow the paint to flow, spread and run into the forms of the landscape. The paint at this stage is often quite fluid and transparent. This first stage can take around an hour or so of intense activity whereas the next stages of the paintings can often take several weeks or months. After being begun on the floor the painting is then stretched onto a stretcher and painted from then on mainly on the wall. It is then a dialogue between myself , the paint, and the landscape. A design element takes over as the painting develops. I try to let the paint become the landscape rather than filling the paint into landscape shapes in order to express a feeling of change and movement in nature.

'In David Wiseman's painting the grand vision is seamlessly merged with the drama of the microcosm. The two elements are united by all pervasive natural pattern and flow: air currents, tangled foliage, veins in rock. The result is always ambiguous, with each element seemingly coming to the fore then receding. Consequently the pictures require a long time to view properly admitting any number of readings, inviting ever closer inspection.' 

From initial stains of colour pooled and overpainted to saturation , through an agitation of calligraphic incidents almost amounting to automatic writing , David Wiseman stirs up his and our memory to bring to mind a sense of place that is evidently real. His landscapes are the sum of experience of summer and winter, north and south , past and present, sights and imaginings. .. a beechwood brightens into the parrot plumage of a tropical jungle; the darkness mines the depth of the forests that have now become coal. One flick of a brushstroke utters the ghost of a primeval fern and another discovers a vein of gold or a torrent of molten rock and the water comes forth like the sea.

1969 - 72 St. Martins School of Art
1972 - 5 Royal College of Art
Since 1975 visiting and part time lecturer various colleges incl.
Kingston, Slade, Newcastle, Hull, Cheltenham, Winchester, etc.

1980 Serpentine Summer Show 1, Serpentine Gallery, London
1983 Peterborough City Museum and Art Gallery, Peterborough
1985 Centre 181 Gallery, Hammersmith, London.
1987 Polytechnic Gallery, Brighton.
1988 Winchester Gallery, Winchester
1988 Minories Gallery, Colchester 
1993 Islington Arts Factory, London
1996 Questors Theatre Gallery, Ealing, London.
2005 Tricycle Gallery, Kilburn, London 

1974 Bradford Drawing Biennale, Cartwright Hall, Bradford
1975 New Contemporaries, Camden Arts Centre, London
1976 John Moores Exhibition 10, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
1979 Open Attitudes, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Drawing Exhibition, with Graham Crowley, Jon Holt Gallery,London
1980 Seven Painters, Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge, Polytechnic
Gallery, Hull, City Art Gallery, Portsmouth, Minories, Colchester 
1981 Contemporary Artists in Camden, Camden Arts Centre, London
1982 Thirteen British Artists, with Howard Hodgkin, Frank Auerbach, Ken Kiff, 
Leon Kossoff, John Walker, etc. Neue Galerie, Aachen, Kunstverein,
Mannheim, and Kunstverein Brunswick, Germany
1983 Hayward Annual, Hayward Gallery, London 
London Group Open Exhibition , Camden Arts Centre and tour
John Moores Exhibition 13, Walker Art gallery, Liverpool
1984 Landscapes, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
London Group Open Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London
1987 On a Plate, Serpentine Gallery, London
Artists who studied with Peter de Francia, Camden Arts Centre, London 
Myth, Dream and Landscape, Swiss Cottage Library Gallery, London
The Broader Horizon, Southern Arts Touring Exhibition
1991 Living Landscapes Gill Gallery, London
1992 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
1993 Riverside Artists, Galeria Liceo Recrea, Orensano, Ourense, Spain and tour
1994 Rexel Derwent Open Drawing Exhibition, Cheltenham 
1995 The Sea, Beatrice Royal Gallery of Contemporary Art, Eastliegh,Hampshire
1996 Cheltenham Open Drawing Exhibition, Cheltenham
1997 Riverside Artists Group, Museo Municipal Ourense, Spain and tour 
1998 Viewpoints Open Exhibition, Artsway Arts Centre, Sway, Hampshire 
Critical Faculty, Stanley Picker Gallery for the Arts, Kingston , 
Calder Gallery, Grand Valley State University, U.S.A. and tour
1999 Transformations, Small Mansion Arts Centre, Ealing, London 
2000 Westlondonartists Sackville Gallery, Piccadilly, London
2001 The British Landscape, Society of Landscape Painters Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London 
2002 Viewpoints Jersey Galleries, Osterley House, London 
Riverside Artists Museo Municipal Ourense, Spain
The Discerning Eye Mall Galleries, London
2003 Upstream Exhibition Space, Charing Cross Hospital, London
Landscapes New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey
View Open Exhibition, Artsway Arts Centre, Sway, Hampshire 
Christmas Exhibition, Blue Wing Gallery, Kew, London 
2005 Mixed exhibition August Gallery, Brenchley, Kent
2006 Westlondonartists Jersey Galleries, Osterley House, London
2008 Ealing Open Exhibition, PM Gallery, Ealing, London
2009 Mixed Exhibition, Architects Gallery, Teddington
The London Group Open , Menier Gallery, London 

Royal College of Art
The Open University
Peterborough City Museum and Art Gallery
London Borough of Hammersmith
Riverside Health Authority
Hounslow and Spelthorne Health Authority
Arts Council of Great Britain 
Museo Municipal Ourense, Spain
Mill Hill Health Centre, Acton,
London Prudential Property Services Ltd
The Bank of England
Barts and the London N.H.S. Trust
Frimley Park N.H.S. Trust
Lewisham Hospital
Petro Canada
and in many private collections in Britain, Europe, U.S.A. and Australia